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Map of Web's Ship

Web's ship png.png

Layse Explorere Class Ship

PURPOSE  Designed as a self-contained living station capable of withstanding the pressures of constant travel.  

COCKPIT  Control of all systems.



1. Gravity  Spinning cores rotate within the floors at a velocity sufficient to create centrifugal force to mimic gravity.

2. Oxygen  A water electrolysis system splits water with electricity creating a byproduct of oxygen.

3. Physical  Maintenance  Onboard gym.

4. Food  Onboard growing pod and water tank.

SENSORS  Limited range proximity Sensors.

PROBES  Can detect life forms, minerals, and atmospheres

COMMUNICATIONS  Limited range instantaneous communications used in conjunction with information relay balls.

DRIVE SYSTEM  Supralight Speed.

DEFENSE  The fearsome Layse reputation is generally enough to protect their explorer ships; however, there are three official


     1. An invisibility cloak.

     2. Incapcitating gas.

     3. Three short-range defensive weapons.

DESIGN  The aerodynamic design allows the ship to enter a planet’s atmosphere.

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