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Fantastical Creatures

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Creatures of Camp LAUNCH

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Herbivores known for their particularly irreverent sense of humor. They are quadrupeds that will grow to between sixteen and twenty inches long, weighing up to thirteen pounds. These “hoppers” are covered in soft, thick fur with long ears. They exist exclusively in the yellow visible light spectrum of the electromagnetic wave frequency. 

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Vlox belong to the fox animal family and, like the fox, have naturally protective instincts. They exist exclusively in the red range of the electromagnetic frequency. Their physical features include upright triangular ears and long, spotted snouts. Their bodies are covered in thick black fur, except for their tails, which are dark brown and hairless. A skulk (pack) has lived on LAUNCH mountain for several hundred years. While they have grown protective of the camp and its humans, they do not generally welcome strangers. 

slipik w_legs png.png


These unusual creatures are fungivores that prefer to live in humid or foggy climates and are generally solitary creatures. Their slime is valued for its healing properties; useful for its medical applications. They live exclusively in the orange band of the electromagnetic frequency.

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Birds of flight living exclusively within the purple frequency of the electromagnetic wave. Physically, they are known for their crown feathers and sharp talons, but more interesting is their uncanny self-awareness and excellent memory. They can grow up to three feet tall. 

Crocus option 1.png


Microscopic creatures which have adapted to surviving in a wide range of climates. Their reproduction is prodigious. Electrical current is their singular food source.



These oviparous (which hatch warm-blooded) are aggressively territorial carnivores. When healthy, they maintain an internal body temperature of 237° and can grow up to forty feet in length. Their bodies are covered in exceptionally strong scales with thick leathery hides. While they do have wings, they are tetrapods in the reptilla family. 

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A furry quadruped found on planet Layksor. They weigh between eight and fifteen pounds, with a lifespan of thirty to forty years. Known to be extremely loyal, it is common to find them domesticated as companions.



These relatively obscure bio-luminescent water creatures are known to grow up to thirty feet in length. Little is known about these mysterious creatures besides their ability to generate significant light. A series of dorsal fins running the length of their tubular bodies allow them to move quickly when desired.



This quadruped is fully grown at four to five inches long. Their fur is thick, similar to wool, and is surprisingly effective at maintaining their body temperature. While their eyesight is not particularly keen, their whiskers are able to sense vibrations as soft as sound. The Woodlouse-Liger will eat just about anything with an inviting aroma as they are foragers. Females of the breed are poisonous.

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