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Kerstin Stanford


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New Release

Escape from Portaleige

A Sam Harte Adventure

12-year-old Sam Harte's world collapsed when she discovered her family's plans to move halfway across the country. Desperate for one last summer with her best friends, Kate and Donovan, she managed to get herself and Kate enrolled in a summer camp, with Donovan just down the road working his first job. Yet almost immediately, Sam began discovering unsettling oddities she couldn't explain. Creatures she'd never even heard of and peculiar counselors with out-of-this-world quirks provide only a glimpse into the science fiction world that is Camp LAUNCH. 

Sam will have to figure out how to control her own unique abilities and become the strong female she is destined to be in order to survive this dangerous adventure and get home!

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Inside the World of Camp LAUNCH

From maps to schematics, check out all the details of the world Sam Harte's adventure explores!

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About Kerstin Stanford

Kerstin Stanford lives with her family in Huntington Beach, CA where she is busy writing the second book in the Sam Harte Adventure series

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